About this place

Welcome to Goatland!

From today on, I am going to start working on transforming these empty lands into a place brimming with (mostly) written stuff on various topics. I am going to talk all kinds of stuff – Music, God, Love, Nature, Philosophy… it could even get a little political on here from time to time (although I’d like to avoid that because politics are boring bullshit).

At the end of the day, I will talk about whatever I feel the need to write about.

I am a German native speaker, writing in English in order to make the stuff I put up here accessible to the widest possible audience. I have some poems I will maybe put here as well (artsy, right?). However, they are exclusively composed in German language (I might translate them word for word, which is probably going to sound ridiculously silly).

The purpose of this is mainly to serve as an emotional valve of sorts for myself. But of course, if someone actually gets so lost in the infinitely vast realms of the web that he comes across this place and finds value in the ideas I share, that is perfectly fine!

~ T.H.G.

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